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Content from all over the world

The Marketplace discovers content from all providers all over the world and offers configuration that is one click away.

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Content for the omni channel

The Playtech Games Marketplace is capable of discovering,
configuring and providing intelligence on content, regardless of the technology that the game was built in.

The future of content discovery is here

The Playtech Games Marketplace delivers the hottest titles to you and provides you with the intelligence and insights you need
to configure and deploy that content effectively.

Content discovery

Quickly find the games you want

Using the powerful search tools in the Playtech Games Marketplace, you can quickly find content that will address your needs. Whether you’re looking for games with specific popular features, or content that addresses specific target markets or customer demographics, you can do so easily in the Marketplace.

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A single content discovery and management tool

Say goodbye to the headache of using multiple back office products to manage your games portfolio.
Using Playtech’s Games Marketplace, you will be able to configure titles from dozens of providers.


Playtech BI powered insights and recommendations

Using the powerful Playtech BI platform, you will be able to understand how your current games portfolio is indexing based on various performance indicators. You will also receive data-driven recommendations for content not yet featured in your portfolio.

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Easy Configuration

Configure content from all integrated RGS platforms from the Games Marketplace.

Manage game configuration for various VIP Levels.

Activate and deactivate game configurations quickly and easily.


Intelligent recommendations

Let our advanced algorithms recommend new and existing content to you. Whether your targets is acquisition or retention or you want a new game for a specific audience, let us propose your content shortlist.

Intelligent recommendations

Access the broadest distribution
network in the world

Provide your games to the broadest distribution network in the industry.
Don’t let your sales team limit your potential distribution.

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Performance matters

Get the transparency you need through key performance reports for your games.
Understand your audience and its trends. Make the right decisions for your content.